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12 Wonderful Truths For A New Dad

March 13, 2017

Everything you need to know about parenting you can find online! Just kidding! I have been a parent for a little over five years now, so you would think that I’m an expert! You would be…

Choosing the mountains over the sea

March 1, 2017

Searching for the right spot… I tend to wander between the mountains and the sea… I was fortunate to grow up in Colorado which has amazing mountains. Now after living in Florida for several years, I’m realizing just…


Goals: How I Set Goals for a Full Life

January 28, 2017

Goals… I know that I am a bit late to the table for a new years goal setting post, however the best day to make a positive change in your life was yesterday. I have seen…


Business Travel: Tips from my time on the road

January 18, 2017

Over the last couple years I have been working for a company that has required quite a bit of business travel. Although I am far from a road warrior, I have some international and domestic travel…