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Things that help make life easier

I thought I would share some things that have helped me get this far. I have either used these personally, or heard nothing but great things.

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Last Updated: June 4, 2017


  1. Bluehost– Web hosting. These guys have been pretty good so far. They have been very helpful the couple times I did have problems. I have also heard great things about SightGround, and they would be my go too should I ever feel the need to leave Bluehost.
  2. WordFence– Site security
  3. Yoast SEO– Search Engine Optimization. Pretty helpful in determining your post readability and SEO.

Social Media

  1. Buffer– Helps to schedule all your social media posts. The free version is great to start, and the “Awesome” level is pretty reasonable for added functionality.
  2. CrowdFire– I only recently started to try CrowdFire for my social media posting and strategy. It has the same benefits of Buffer, and will recommend content for you to share once it gets to know you. Right from the start I was impressed by the interaction with the App. I’ll be giving the free version a couple months to see what results I get.


  1. The Miracle Morning For Writers– Great book on streamlining your most productive time. Also provides quite a bit of information in writing and publishing your work.


  1. Codecadamy– Free training in coding. I recently started to learn HTML, and so far really like the way the courses are designed.
  2. HighBrow– I love HighBrow! Free daily lessons emailed to you each weekday. Several topics to choose ranging from art, business, and introduction to technology.

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